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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Image result for RED WING IRON RANGERS VIBRAMHonorable Mention – Red Wing Boots: Red Wing is not a California company.  But they do have California stores, and they are based in our fellow Blue State, Minnesota.  And they make the best boots ever.  I recently purchased a pair of Iron Rangers, with Vibram outsoles.  I have never owned more versatile shoes.  I wore them out to dinner on Friday night.  I wore them all day Saturday as I chopped, chain-sawed, and grinded tree stumps out of the mud in the rain.  That evening, I hosed the mud off them, wiped them dry with a towel, and wore them out to dinner again.  And they drew compliments.  They are work boots.  They are fashion.  They are rain boots.  They are every kind of casual boot that I need, all in one boot.  I will own these boots for the rest of my life.

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