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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Merino Wool Boxer BriefChrome: When I lived in the real Bay Area (i.e., the Bay Area in which you can see the Golden Gate and/or Bay Bridge with minimal effort), Chrome was the most ubiquitous brand of messenger bags and backpacks.  Now, they've expanded their line to include everything a bike-messenger-type urbanite needs for day-to-day living, including boxers.

Richer Poorer: San Juan Capistrano-based Richer Poorer makes no-frills boxer briefs.  Although I do not own any Richer Poorer briefs, I would not hesitate to give them a try – I do own Richer Poorer socks, and they are the highest-quality socks in my drawer.
Patagonia: With Ventura-based Patagonia, you get what you pay for.  What you pay is a lot.  What you get is exactly what you want.  Patagonia’s gear and clothing looks great, it works perfectly, and it is manufactured as ethically and sustainably as reasonably possible.  I do not yet own any Patagonia underwear.  But I do own a broad cross-section Patagonia clothing and gear, all of which may very well last me forever.  

BedHead Pajamas: Los Angeles-based BedHead specialize in making fashionable, tailored pajamas for men, women, and children.  They also make some unique-looking boxers.  

Olivers Apparel: Los Angeles-based Olivers makes exercise and streetwear clothes for runners and gym-goers.  Their offerings include boxer briefs.

American Apparel: So here's the thing about Los Angeles-based AA: It's well made, and it looks great on the people who it looks great on.  For everyone else, AA seems designed specifically to highlight the ways in which it does not look great on them.  Don't know which category you fall into?  Well, the folks around you do.  Ask someone you trust if you're one of the people who AA designs its clothes to fit.  If the answer is yes, then lucky you -- you have a one-stop shop for relatively inexpensive, ethically manufactured, long-lasting basics.  If the answer is no, walk away from this brand forever. 

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