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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Californians design and manufacture a remarkable variety of sunglasses at all price points.

"galileo-16"Westward Leaning: I will buy my next pair of sunglasses from San Francisco-based Westward Leaning.  I will refrain from gushing -- just go to their site and look!
Image result for shauns sunglasses jura rose gold
Shawns California: Solano Beach-based Shauns creates luxury sunglasses that are designed in California, and assembled in Italy.  For each pair of sunglasses that Shawn’s sells, it provides a free eye exam and a free pair of glasses to someone in need.  But that's not why I buy them.  I buy them because they're wonderful. 

Tree Hut Wood Sunglasses | Tortoise shell framesTree Hut: Tree Hut is twenty people who make wooden watches and wooden sunglasses by hand in their San Francisco studio.  I have not held Tree Hut sunglasses, so I can’t vouch for their quality.  But they look great – I probably will give them a try.

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