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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


In addition to fighting climate change and saving money, contracting with a California-based company to outfit your home with solar panels strengthens California’s economy, promotes California’s values, AND reduces the wealth and political clout of fossil-fuel-producing Trump States like Kentucky (Mitch McConnell’s home) and Texas (home to Ted Cruz). 
My small array of solar panels cut my energy bills in half – if my current trajectory continues, I will recoup my investment about seven years into my twenty-year lease. My lease also put money in the pockets of a California solar provider and of the California contractors who installed the array, and it generated tax revenue that helped fund the California-government services that I consume every day. 

And every time I hear that oversupply is causing the cost of oil and coal to drop, I rejoice in the infinitesimal part that I am playing in reducing the demand for the destructive products on which Trump States’ economies depend. 

Image result for sungevitySunrun: San Francisco-based Sunrun recently purchased my now-bankrupt solar-panel provider, Sungevity.  (I had wondered how Sungevity could make any money leasing panels for as little as they charged me -- mystery solved.)  This change-over in service providers has not caused a missed beat on my end.

Solar City: One of my co-workers leases his solar panels from San Mateo-based Solar City.  He is a satisfied customer.

Horizon Solar Power: Temecula-based Horizon Solar Power installs solar electric and pool heating systems in Southern California. 

Dividend Solar: San Francisco-based Dividend Solar provides solar financing and solar panels installation services for homeowners. 

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