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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Image result for Persephone makes its 1955 PomadePersephone: Berkeley-based Persephone makes its 1955 Pomade primarily from bourbon.  At first, I blanched at the price tag -- $20 (plus $5 shipping) for a shoe-polish-sized tin of product?  But I know Persephone’s founder.  He’s an obsessive guy, especially about his hair.  So I gave his pomade a try.  It was a wise decision.  The pomade does what hair product is supposed to do, without making my scalp feel like I have product in my hair.  In addition, that god-awful-expensive tin has proven remarkably cost effective.  It doesn’t take much to get the results I want.  And it seems to settle into my hair over time – the longer I use it, the less I need to use each day.  Months later, half the tin still is full.  And yes, if you put the open tin up to your nose, you can smell the bourbon.  But the smell isn’t noticeable to the people around you, even when you’re running a sweat.

Baxter of California: Los Angeles-based Baxter of California focuses on men's body-care products.  I have not bought their pomades, but they seem to take them very seriously.

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