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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


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7 For All Mankind: Los Angeles-based 7 For All Mankind makes the streetwear that Hollywood stars are wearing in paparazzi photographs.  I own a wine-colored pair of 7FAMK’s Luxe Performance Sateen pants. They fit well, the fabric is comfortable against my skin, and they make me slouching loll like Johnny Thunders.

Chrome: When I lived in the real Bay Area (i.e., the Bay Area in which you can see the Golden Gate and/or Bay Bridge with minimal effort), Chrome was the most ubiquitous brand of messenger bags and backpacks.  Now, they've expanded their line to include everything a bike-messenger-type urbanite needs for day-to-day living, including pants.

AG Jeans: Los Angeles-based AG made their name designing flattering and socially conscious jeans, which my wife has worn happily for years.  They also make streetwear pants from fabrics other than denim, such as sateen.  

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