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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Image result for MARCOPOLONI IPHONE CASEMarcopolini: Campbell-based Marcopolini imports high-quality, hand-made leather goods from Italy, including iPhone cases.  I own a Marcopolini key wallet (which, for those who don’t know, is a keychain that stows your keys inside a coin-purse-like wallet, so your keys don’t punch holes in your pockets).  It is extremely well made, and its leather keeps looking better as it ages.

Image result for chrome pro series access pouchChrome: When I lived in the real Bay Area (i.e., the Bay Area in which you can see the Golden Gate and/or Bay Bridge with minimal effort), Chrome was the most ubiquitous brand of messenger bags and backpacks.  Now, they've expanded their line to include everything a bike-messenger-type urbanite needs for day-to-day living, including a way-overbuilt (but probably quite useful) iPhone case/handheld-radio case/all-things-small-carrying case that they call the Pro Series Access Pouch.

Jaqet: Los Angeles-based Jaqet makes minimalist, clean-lined handmade-in-California leather goods, including iPhone cases.

DODOcase: San Francisco-based DODOcase makes muted, well-constructed-looking (I've never seen one myself, but they look nice on the website), functional things in which to put other things, including iPhone cases.

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