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Thursday, July 13, 2017


MEN'S HEDGEHOG FASTPACK MID GORE-TEX®North Face: Alameda-based North Face makes pretty much everything an outdoors-enthusiast could want, including hiking boots.  Judging by everything I’ve bought from North Face so far, their boots probably are very well made. 

Volcom: Orange County-based Volcom is a one-stop shop for skater/surfer/snowboarder fashion, from jeans to board shorts to two-piece suits.  They also have a line of hiking/streetwear-hybrid boots. 

Honorable Mention – Red Wing Boots:
Red Wing is not a California company.  But they do have California stores, and they are based in our fellow Blue State, Minnesota.  And they make the best boots ever.  I recently purchased a pair of Iron Rangers, with Vibram outsoles.  I have never owned more versatile shoes.  I wore them out to dinner on Friday night.  I wore them all day Saturday as I chopped, chain-sawed, and grinded tree stumps out of the mud in the rain.  That evening, I hosed the mud off them, wiped them dry with a towel, and wore them out to dinner again.  And they drew compliments.  They are hiking boots.  They are work boots.  They are fashion.  They are rain boots.  They are every kind of casual boot that I need, all in one boot.  I will own these boots for the rest of my life.

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